I offer the following services (also online):


  • Islamic Counselling via islamic psychological techniques

  • Islamic Counselling to help families in bereavement

  • Family Counselling

  • Marital counselling

  • Islamic Counselling for parenting

  • Online courses on various important Islamic issues

  • Coaching seminars for professionals who interact often with Muslims like preschool-teachers, teachers, nurses etc.

  • Islamic publication (research papers and booklets) about Islam, Islamic Psychology and Islamic Parenting

Fees for counselling:

On one hand, the Prophet and Sahabah took and paid fees for Ruqiyah (spiritual treatment) and education. One the other hand, we are taught to not make things difficult upon people. Therefore, there is only a modest fee for counselling, depending on the circumstance of the client.

For clients with income: 350 SEK (35€) per 60 min

For students/unempoyed: 250 SEK (25€) per 60 min

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