Be a Moral Compass!

I was requested to write a very short essay on the topic "My values. My morals.". So, I did and found it worth sharing with you because it is a very important aspect of Islam.

Here it is:

My values. My morals.

I am a Muslim. My values and my morals are that of Islam. The best values. The best morals. Those values and morals which were taught to us by Allah and the Prophet (saws) themselves.

Allah sent the Prophet to perfect our moral character. Islam came at a time of moral darkness and brought back morality from the very beginning. Morality governs our relationship with Allah, with ourselves and our environment (humans, animals, nature).

The most important morality in Islam is concerning Allah and is established through the first pillar of Islam: monotheism. All other morals are connected to this value - other great values like remembrance of Allah, conveying Islam, truthfulness, patience, good brotherhood, humanity and the best manners.

A very interesting point to note: All world religions teach high and good values just like Islam. However, none of them also provide guidelines how the values are established – except Islam. The Qur’ân and the Sunnah give us clear guidelines how to establish the highest values and morals in the believers. Allahu Akbar!

We as Muslims should have the best morals of all people, as Islam teaches them to us. This gives us the responsibility to be a moral compass for all humanity.

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