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About Us.

Muftiyah Mirah

Muftiyah Mirah Malaika, a female Mufti, counselor, and chaplain, has been the founder and director of Madrasah Aishah since 2022. Here, she offers the first German Alimiyyah-programme (Dars e Nizami) and other professional Islamic courses online. With over a decade of teaching experience, she is recognized for her approach of integrating classical Islamic sciences with insights from modern science.

Now, along with her administrative team, she aims to extend her courses to Pakistan, where she resides, aiming to serve both European and Pakistani Muslim communities. As a German revert to Islam, she offers a unique perspective, blending modernity with classical Islamic teachings.

She completed the Takhassus fil Ifta wal Fiqh from Lahore, Pakistan, 6 years Alimiyyah from Birmingham, England, and holds a Bachelor's degree and a Diploma in Islamic Studies. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Islamic Studies and a post-graduate certificate in Arabic Linguistics and Literature.

Additionally, she has completed a degree in Islamic Psychology, two certifications in Muslim Chaplaincy spanning over 2 years, and certificates in conventional psychology, psychotherapy, and positive psychology spanning over 6 years.


The administrative team handles correspondence, schedules meetings, manages technical matters, and provides childcare support during lessons. For inquiries directed to Muftiyah Mirah, please contact the administration.

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