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Insights from the Qur'an

Join us in our course about insights from the Quran regarding personal well-being, family issues, parenting, psychology and much more.

Geschlossenes Gebetbuch

The Quran, alongside the Sunnah, serves as a life guide, illuminating solutions to all challenges we encounter. Yet, it can be challenging to grasp these answers or connect them to our contemporary world.

That's why we are passionate about delving into the Quran's wisdom and lessons. By doing so, we equip ourselves to navigate any situation with the guidance of Allah.


Every Friday after at 4pm until about 6pm (lesson first, then tea time)


Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Phase VIII, Sector F-8/1

(exact location is given on request)


All women are invited. Child care is provided.

Lessons are conducted in English.

Registration over 0327 515 33 20 (WhatsApp)

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Extracts from previous lessons


Lessons from Surah Yusuf

Coming soon, in shâ Allâh

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